If you are looking for a dive light that you can use while night diving or for photography, this guide is here to help by reviewing the best models for diving, spearfishing and freediving.

Why to use a dive light?

A waterproof torch or professional diving light is a necessary piece of equipment for technical divers and underwater photographers who need light for their work, but recreational divers, freedivers, spearfishermen and even snorkelers can get into situations when a flashlight comes useful.

A waterproof light is useful/necessary in the following cases:

  • in low-light conditions and while night diving
  • for photography to light up your object or to create unique images
  • in murky water
  • for spearfishing to look into small cracks and caverns
  • in wrecks and caves
  • for deep freediving
  • while search and rescue
  • to carry out underwater works for example archaeology, fishing or salvage operations

For diving in low-light conditions (night, wreck or cave dives), the primary light has to be a powerful one with good battery life. For maximum safety, it is highly recommended to carry a small headlamp too to avoid emergency situations. For hobby purposes (recreational diving, day-time freediving and spearfishing) compact flashlights work the best.

How many lumens to choose?

Small flashlights are useless and in low-light conditions and might lead to dangerous situations (getting lost), while an excessively bright model bothers other divers (never shine in other people’s eyes!), moreover frightens and can harm the sea life. Therefore, in normal conditions 2000-3000 lumens models are just too much.

For average recreational divers, we recommend choosing a 1000-1100 lumens light with adjustable brightness and strobe signaling function that provides enough lighting to see the environment, and good for photos and videos too. Change between the low and high light functions according to the situation, and don’t run it on full power all the time. Using correct lighting gives a more enjoyable underwater experience for yourself and your buddies, and also a longer battery life.

Should you look a waterproof flashlight just out of safety reasons not for diving in dark places or for photography, a small model with lower performance will also do the job.

Best 5 dive lights

Here are some of the most recommended affordable waterproof flashlight that surely meet most recreational divers’ needs.

SecurityIng Waterproof 1000 lumens Light

Sturdy metal and thick glass construction make this SecurityIng underwater light a great choice for diving. This 1000 lumens waterproof torch is reviewed to be brighter than most competitive models with a maximum visible distance of 320 m, moreover it has a good center angle beam with a little side spill.

SecurityIng underwater light

  • 1000 Lumens brightness
  • maximum depth 150m
  • sturdy aluminum alloy body
  • works with 3X 1.5V C size batteries

The SecurityIng dive light is submersible up to 150 m and withstands drops from up to1.5 m. Three O-rings on the head end and two around the battery opening ensure a good seal. Its compact, ergonomic design provides a secure grip, while the rotatable head switch makes turning on /off easy even when wearing gloves.

ORCATORCH diving light with rechargeable battery

The updated ORCATORCH D550 is a reliable, robust and easy-to-use waterproof light that is perfect for underwater works as well as recreational diving activities with a 70 degrees overall and 8 degrees focused beam. 1000 lumens output CREE LED offers very bright light with adjustable brightness and strobe function. In the power-saving low-light mode, the high-quality 3400 mAh Li-ion battery can provide up to 5 hours runtime.

ORCATORCH D550 upgraded underwater light

  • bright, easy-to-operate light
  • upgraded no-corrosion design
  • complete package with 2 rechargeable batteries, wrist strap and lanyard
  • extra O-rings included, depth rating 150m

The new ORCATORCH D550 waterproof diving light has a better conductivity to minimize the risk of electrolysis corrosion. Fully-sealed new magnetic control increases the sensitivity and reliability. Magnetic-controlled tail switch provides easy-operation, while the included wrist strap allows hands-free usability.

VOLADOR Diving Flashlight

The Volador 1000 Lumen professional underwater flashlight is a great primary light for day or night use. 3 brightness modes and strobe function make it suitable for all types of divers and perfect to use outdoor. With the maximum brightness, the lightning distance is 80 m.

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Special sealing, aircraft-grade aluminum construction and anodized finish ensure durability. The Volador flashlight is waterproof up to 150 m and extremely corrosion resistant. The battery provides up to 90 minutes run time. No matter you need an underwater torch for hobby or professional purposes, the Volador diving light is a good budget model to choose.

BlueFire 1100 Lumen underwater torch

This budget waterproof flashlight is a must-have for underwater explorers and outdoor adventurers. It features 3 working modes -low, high brightness and strobe function- and adjustable beam to meet diver’s needs the most.
The BlueFire waterproof flashlight features an aluminum alloy head and ABS body that comes in bright yellow fluorescent color for easy finding.

Double O-rings ensure that no water can get into and the torch is safe-to-use up to 24m/80ft. 1100 lumens updated CREE XM-L2 LED provides super bright white light that is perfect for any diving activity including underwater photography.

Bluefire fluorescent underwater torch

  • best budget dive light
  • bright yellow color
  • high light, low light and strobe modes
  • Velcro wrist strap for hands-free using

For convenient carrying, the package includes a lanyard and velcro hand strap. Thanks to its compact size and durable design, the BlueFire dive light fits any underwater or outdoor activity, and you surely cannot beat for the price.

ORCATORCH Dive Headlamp

This small yet powerful waterproof flashlight it is a perfect back-up light or can be used as a headlamp too. With the rotatable clip, it can be mounted on the mask or helmet. Like this, the ORCATORCH mini dive light provides the wearer with safe hands-free diving.

ORCHATORCH D560 mini dive torch

  • works perfectly as a back-up light or headlamp
  • compact and lightweight, only 47.5g
  • aircraft-grade aluminum body
  • with rotatable mask clip for easy fitting

With 92mm length and less than 50g weight, it fits even your pocket or hand and doesn’t add extra weight to your equipment. It can be turned on and off in seconds simply by screwing the head part. Sturdy construction -aircraft-grade aluminum body and anti-scratch though lenses- guarantees that the ORCHATORCH D560 is waterproof up to 150m. Top-quality LED with a 630 lumens maximum output ensures high light intensity.

Dive light maintenance tips

High-quality underwater lights are sturdy and durable, but it is important to clean and store them properly in order to maximize their lifespan.

  • rinse it with fresh water after each use
  • clean around the switch carefully, remove all sand and salt particles
  • avoid dropping
  • check the O-rings regularly, lubricate them in every few months and change if needed
  • take out the battery when the light is not in use for a longer period
  • wipe it off and let completely dry before putting away
  • store it in a dry, cool place

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