Why are we freediving?

We can start with big words like we were raised by the Sea and we were always in touch with the Ocean. This is not true. But from the day we first met the Ocean, life was different than before. First we started diving. We enjoyed it a lot and sometimes we still do dive, but we found it too much hassle with the courses and equipment, it took much more time, effort and money to organize a diving holiday. We didn’t want to give up exploring the Sea because of lack of our resources, and we continued our adventures with classical snorkeling. If you are interested in our snorkeling adventures visit our Snorkel Around the World site for snorkeling place tips and snorkel gear reviews!

We always wanted more and more: to see more of the underwater world, be able to have a deeper connection with the Sea, immerse ourselves in the Big Blue Peace, this is what led us to start freediving.

We know from our own experience that it’s not easy to find the Best Freedive Gear. We had many different equipment in the past years, including diving and snorkeling stuff and now freedive equipment. We are here to help you to find the Best Freedive Gear that fits your budget and skills. We are working on this site hard to provide you with the most adequate information. Hope you will find the information, products you’re looking for and our site will help you to find the Best Freedive Gear.

Stay safe and have fun!

Best Freedive Gear Team is not offering freediving education and not responsible for the proper use of the equipment and products advertised on the site. Best Freedive Gear is providing freedive related informations, gear review, product offers and sharing them through its online channels. For your own safety, learn freediving from professional instructors, have proper freedive gear, know your limits and never dive alone!